My Yarn Adventures ..

I’ve got so much pleasure over the years from reading other peoples blogs and thought it was time I finally joined the world of blogging….

My obsession is yarn .. lots of yarn .. knitting, crochet, anything really.  Although my current addiction is stranded knitting in all its glorious forms.  For years I thought it was too difficult for me and then finally the penny dropped … I could do it and it’s nowhere near as difficult as it looks.

P1010713I love the way the yarn creates a picture  – I still get a thrill every time I see the images slowly appearing off my needles.


I love the wonderful colours that are available – a squishy artists palette at your fingertips.


And the thing I love most of all is the sense of peace that knitting gives me. This isn’t something I’ve often seen people write about but it’s central to why I knit. It’s as if every stitch takes away some of my worries. Some people meditate, some have religion, I have the rhythm of knitting to sooth away unquiet thoughts. And that might sound pretentious but it’s how I feel about it.

I want to use this blog to share my knitting journey with likeminded people, latest projects, books and patterns I’ve loved.  I’ve been an avid user of Ravelry for years (crochet-julie) but wanted to map what I’ve learnt and I’m still learning.